At grass2glass we use water-fed carbon fibre extension pole technology and purified water that allows us to use a natural drying process to achieve stunning results,completely chemical free!.

We've cleaned every type, style and shape of conservatory building and extension before, so with us you'll be in safe hands.

We are fully insured and experienced which means you can always be confident that you've hired one of the most professional companies in the sussex area.

With our professional conservatory cleaning services on your side, you'll be able to enjoy pleasant evenings with plenty of light shining in through the glass of your conservatory. As described above, your windows will be cleaned using water which is purified at our depot, which we bring with us in our purpose fitted out vans with a six hundred litre tank and a hundred metre hose.

Purified water needs no harsh chemicals or additives to clean glass and upvc - it naturally attracts mineral deposits and dirt for easy removal.

You'll see us use it to treat every corner of your conservatory, including sills, seals, frame and panes of glass. 


So feel free to contact us for a free quotation

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